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Unfortunately medical malpractice is all too common.  A study by Johns Hopkins shows that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the United States.

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How long do you have to file a lawsuit for Medical Malpractice?

State law determines how long you have to file a Medical Malpractice lawsuit.  Generally in most states you have two to four years to bring a lawsuit.  Even so you will want to speak with a lawyer near you to be sure to follow the laws of your state.

In general the clock starts "ticking" when the injury occurred.   Although most states have what is known a discovery rule.  This indeed means that the clock does not start until a person reasonably should have discovered the injury.

What’s more the law in most states is different for minor children.  Without a doubt check with a nearby lawyer for your state law.

Finally most states have an absolute deadline.  After this time has passed no case may be brought.  Regardless of when the injury was discovered.  As an example, a state might have a law that ten years after the injury no medical malpractice may be filed.

The right medical malpractice attorney for you can be the difference between receiving compensation for your injury and getting nothing.  A lawyer will advise you on your case and the action needed.

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Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can take many forms.  These acts of medical negligence could surely lead to a lawsuit:

-Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
-Misreading or ignoring laboratory results
-Unnecessary surgery
-Surgical errors or wrong site surgery
-Improper medication or dosage
-Postoperative negligence
-Poor follow-up or aftercare
-Anesthesia errors
-Failing to listen to the patient
-Premature discharge
-Disregarding or not taking appropriate patient history
-Failure to order proper testing
-Failure to recognize symptoms

How do you know if you have a Medical Malpractice Case?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that certain things must be proven for a medical malpractice case.  Your medical malpractice attorney must demonstrate that a healthcare worker:

-Had a duty of care to the patient

-Acted in a way that a reasonable, trained person would not have acted

-The error caused actual harm to the patient.

Further, this harm to the patient is known as damages.  Here are some examples of harm that patients can sue for:

-physical pain

-mental anguish

-medical bills

-lost paychecks

Medical malpractice is indeed a difficult area of law.  Certainly most people, unless they are a lawyer, have no way to know all the procedural requirements for a malpractice case.   For a free evaluation contact a contingency-fee medical malpractice attorney.

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A patient’s medical malpractice injury can surely lead to recovery for damages.  These damages can certainly take a variety of forms.

Here are some examples of Economic damages in a medical malpractice case:

-Medical Care and expenses

-Loss of earnings

-Loss of future earnings

Here are some examples of Non-Economic damages

-Physical and mental pain and suffering


-Damages for death

Each case is different and the damages will vary too.  The patient and possibly experts can give evidence to help determine the consequences of the injury.  Altogether this evidence will bring the attorney to arrive at a dollar value of the damages.

What does a Medical Malpractice Attorney do?

A medical malpractice attorney chiefly represents injured patients.  For example these are some of the duties a medical malpractice attorney will perform:

-Work with medical experts to develop testimony to support the case

-Gather and analyze medical records

-Set up independent medical examinations (IMEs) to obtain an objective evaluation of the condition of the injured person

-Work with legal nurse consultants to analyze medical records

Of course the Medical Malpractice attorney must evaluate the new case and build a strategy.  There are undeniably countless tasks that must be handled.  Overall these examples lay out some of a medical malpractice attorney’s responsibilities.

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How to pay?

Generally medical malpractice lawyers are paid by a contingency fee.  It’s important to realize this means that you do not pay the lawyer unless they get money for you.  So you never have an out of  pocket expense.

In fact the fee-contingency lawyer will often even pay for up front fees that you never have to reimburse.  For this reason it’s actually cheaper to pursue a case with a lawyer than on your own.

Medical malpractice cases are incredibly complex medical and legal concepts.  Unless you are an experienced lawyer in this area you probably don’t understand all of the malpractice laws in your state.  Contact a contingency-fee medical malpractice attorney and receive a free consultation.

Final Takeaway

Medical Malpractice is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying your benefits, connect now.  Instead of wondering if you should speak with a lawyer, connect with a lawyer match expert immediately.

Regardless whether the injury appears minor now, the future financial and non-financial costs may be great.  An experienced lawyer can help you get the help you deserve.

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