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The CDC reports that over 1,000 people a year die in the United States in bicycle accidents.  Additionally they report that over 400,000 people are injured.

Sadly bicycle accidents occur all too often and the need for an attorney is great.

A lawyer for bicycle accidents can recover your losses and reduce the large amounts of paperwork and hassle.  Certainly a lawyer can be the difference between justice for you or losing large monetary damages.

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How a Bicycle Accident Attorney Helps your Case

Bicycle accident cases are indeed complex.  Instead of being simpler than a car accident they are even more specialized.  For this reason a bicycle lawyer can be really important after a crash.

On the whole it's impossible to list everything that comes up in every case.  Your attorney will do many things to help recover compensation for your losses.

Your lawyer may:

-Interview witnesses

-Review police and accident reports

-Analyze medical records

-Interview medical staff

-Document bicycle damage

-Investigate the alleged at-fault party's driving record

-Consult experts to reconstruct the accident scene

Finally, when an accident victim hires an attorney then the insurance company knows they are ready to take the case to court.  This can indeed be a big difference in the case.

Receive a free consultation with a lawyer - they won't charge any fees unless you win.  Tell your story and find out if you have a case.

What to do after a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are scary and even more so when a car is involved.  It’s certainly natural for emotions to be high.

First thing to remember after an accident is just to stay in control of the situation.  Your actions will surely affect how much you may recover as a result of the accident.

Here’s what to do:

Wait for Police to Arrive.  It’s definitely important to get a police report.  Your injuries may not seem bad in the moment, yet get worse over time.

Don’t negotiate with the driver.  Following the accident they may apologize only to deny fault later.

Get Your Version of Events into the Accident Report.  Once in a while the police will only speak with the driver.  Report your version to the police.

Obtain Driver and Witness Contact Information.

Document What Happened.  Writing down the details right after an accident is more exact than relying on your memory.

Document your injuries.  Seek medical care without delay.  You may at first feel that your injuries are minor.  Even so medical records will be important should the injuries get worse over time.

Preserve Evidence.  Don’t fix your bike, helmet, or any other damaged property.  Take photos of everything and then save it to show your attorney.

Seek Advice from a Professional.  An attorney can firstly advise you on how to proceed.  Then negotiate with the insurance company.  Finally, when necessary, they can represent you in court.

Anything you say to the insurance company can certainly be used against you later.  Get a lawyer first.  By all means find the best lawyer for you.

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Near Me

Common Causes of Bicycle Crashes

Here are some of the common causes of bike crashes:

-Car doesn’t yield the right of way

-Driver doesn’t see bicyclist approaching intersection

-Tailgating cyclist

-Backing over cyclist

-Not using turn signals

-Not stopping at red light or stop sign

-Driver of parked vehicle opens a door in front of the cyclist

-Not looking both ways at intersection

-Aggressive driving


By comparison many bicycle accidents do not involve cars.  These causes may also recover compensation:

-Poorly-maintained road causes cyclist to fall off bike

-The bicycle is defective

-An animal attack causes the crash

-Cyclist collides with pedestrian or another cyclist

How Compensation is Determined Following a Bicycle Accident

There are two types of compensation available following a bicycle accident.  These two types are economic and also non-economic.

Here are the most common types of economic compensation:

-Current Medical Expenses

-Future Medical Expenses

-Lost Wages so far

-Loss of future wages


Here are the most common types of non-economic compensation:

-Pain and suffering

-Mental Anguish

-Loss of Affection or Companionship (after death of spouse)

Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Does Auto Insurance Cover Bicyclists?

Auto insurance does typically cover bicyclists.  Here are some important points such as:

-If the car driver is at fault, their auto insurance will cover your injuries.

-If your auto insurance has personal injury coverage it may cover your injuries even though you were on a bicycle.

-Your own medical insurance should help cover damages, but may seek reimbursement from someone’s auto insurance.

How to pay for a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Is the other driver at fault for your accident?  If so, then you can hire a lawyer on "contingency fee".  This means you don't pay unless you win.

In fact the contingency-fee lawyer will often even pay for up front fees that you never have to reimburse.  For this reason it’s actually cheaper to pursue a case with a lawyer than on your own.

Bicycle accident cases are incredibly complex legal concepts.  Unless you are an experienced lawyer in this area you probably don’t understand all of the bicycle accident laws in your state.

Contact a contingency-fee bicycle accident attorney and receive a free consultation.

Final Takeaway

A bicycle accident is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying your benefits, connect now.

Regardless whether the injury appears minor now, the future financial and non-financial costs may be great.  An experienced lawyer can help you get the help you deserve.

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