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The United States Census reports that one of six fathers (17.5%) have custody of their children.  Of course every case is different.

The law for child custody is indeed complex.  The first step is surely to find out your options.  Go ahead and find out what’s possible with a free consultation with a Child Custody Lawyer.

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Child Custody Attorneys Near Me

How can a Child Custody Attorney help me?

In a word, a child custody attorney can help get what's best for your child.  Indeed, the parent the child lives with has the legal right to decide the child's lifestyle, welfare, and education.

So long as parents have joint custody two things will be shared.  Firstly the child will share time between their homes.  Secondly the parents will share decisions for the child.

Of course joint custody depends on a legal agreement.  And joint custody is often not for the best.  Finally a child custody attorney will help get the best possible agreement.

Child Custody Lawyer Near Me

Attorney for child custody near me

What does a child custody attorney do?

A child custody attorney can surely help get the desired outcome in a case.

In particular, here are some of the things a child custody attorney will do for you:

  • Explain your rights
  • Ease stress of legal process
  • Manage deadlines
  • Fill out legal paperwork
  • Negotiate with other parent
  • Modify child custody agreement
  • Handle complex legal issues
  • Represent you in court, if needed
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Important Factors for Child Custody

The most important factor for child custody in almost all courts is called the "best interests of the child".  All in all the best interest depends on many factors.

By and large, these are the most important factors for child custody:

  • Ability to provide for child
  • Stable living situation
  • Relationship between child and each parent
  • Home environment of each parent
  • Child's age and gender
  • Parent's mental and physical health
  • Child's established living pattern (school, home, community, religious institution)
  • Quality of child's education in each situation
  • Impact on child of changing their living situation
  • History of violence by either parent
  • Recommendation of expert witness
  • Preference of child, usually above about 12 years old

Factors Courts Cannot Consider

Certain factors particularly cannot be used because of laws such as discrimination laws.

Some factors that courts certainly cannot consider include:

Joint Custody vs Sole Custody

  • Joint custody. Both parents share the responsibilities of the child together with the other parent.  Also both parents should work together on any major decisions for the child's life.
  • Sole custody. When the primary care giver does not work with the other parent.  Instead the primary parent alone develops decisions on how the child should be raised, needed medical procedures, or after school activities.

By and large, sole custody may be given if the court decides the parents can’t share responsibility or one parent is unfit.  In brief, examples of being unfit include alcohol abuse, drug dependency, child abuse, and child neglect.

As a matter of fact joint custody vs sole custody is something to discuss with your child custody lawyer.

In other words use your free consultation to make a plan for your case.  Connect for your no obligation, free consultation.

Areas related to Child Custody

By all means when someone needs help with child custody they may need help with related areas.  These could be areas such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child visitation
  • Family law
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Paternity

In the same way one lawyer can help with all these areas.  Connect to speak with a lawyer to help with all your needs.

Final Takeaway

Child custody is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying the benefits, connect now.  An experienced lawyer can give you the help you deserve.

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