Represent Myself?

In general, you may be thinking that the worst that could happen is you will lose your case.  In fact, the judge could order you to pay attorney fees and court costs for the other side.  This could indeed be more costly than the case itself.

Representing yourself is surely risky.  Additionally, it’s hard to know how you’ll get into trouble.  All in all, this video shows how sadly things can go wrong.

Risks of Representing Yourself

Firstly, you may fail to follow all of the required procedures.  This can certainly cause your case to be dismissed or for the other side to win.

Secondly, the problems are just starting when you go to trial.  It’s particularly easy to miss a technical requirement to prove your case.  Then your case will be lost.

Difficulties of Representing Yourself

You’ll definitely want to ask if you have the skills to represent yourself.

You’ll need to be comfortable:

  • Meeting all deadlines for complex court papers
  • Public speaking in front of judge, jury, and audience
  • Respond to questions clearly and calmly
  • Filing court papers, something like filing your taxes
  • Keeping careful legal records
  • Following all legal rules
  • Writing legal papers, something like writing research papers in school
  • Working on the case, like a part-time job

In reality, it is really difficult to represent yourself.

In sum, take a look at this video showing how one woman thinks about representing herself.

What to do?

Basically, it’s pretty great to get a free consultation with a lawyer.  All things considered, there is a lot to think about when going through a legal issue.

On the one hand you want to know what to expect.  On the other hand, you need to have a plan.

A free consultation is surely the best time to ask your questions.  You can also ask about all the common areas of what to expect, how long it will take, make a plan, and anything else.

So, go ahead and click below for your no obligation, free consultation.

Final Takeaway

The Legal System is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying the benefits, connect now.  An experienced lawyer can give you the help you deserve.  Remember, it’s a no obligation, free consultation – so make your plan now!