Divorce without a Lawyer

Getting a divorce without a Lawyer is simple.  The process is easy and you can do it online.

Here are two facts not everyone knows:

  1. Average cost for a Divorce Lawyer is about $10,000.
  2. 95% of divorces in the United States are settled out of court.


Turns out that $10,000 won't make things easier for you, and it's a lot of money.  Besides, 95% of the time divorces are settled out of court anyway.

Read on to find out how easy it is to complete your divorce online.

Divorce without a Lawyer

How to Divorce without a Lawyer

Getting a divorce without a Lawyer is the new normal.  There just isn't any reason for most people to pay all that money to a Lawyer.

Getting a divorce online is cost effective and easy.  You won't be nervous about paying a divorce lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour.  With an online divorce YOU are in control.


People throw around terms like "uncontested" and "no-fault" divorces.  What do they mean for your divorce?


Simply put, these terms "uncontested" and "no-fault" simply mean you and your spouse are in agreement about the terms of the divorce.

Now, these terms are not really meant to mean that you are in agreement from the beginning of the process.  A good process will guide both people to come into agreement.

Even if you or your spouse are feeling out of line on things, that doesn't mean you need a Lawyer.

Consider going through an online process designed to help you come to terms.  And remember, the alternative is paying a Lawyer hundreds of dollars an hour to get you to terms.


The most highly experienced and reliable online divorce service is CompleteCase.com.  Their service has even been featured on television programs including Good Morning America and the Today Show.

Their service will take you step by step through the process of forming the terms you need.  And it will do everything you need to divorce without a Lawyer.

File for Divorce without a Lawyer

Filing for divorce without a Lawyer will have a few benefits.  First, you will save money - really a lot of money, like hundreds of dollars an hour.  Second, the process with a Lawyer is full of stress.  And then, you have to schedule with the Lawyer and meet them on their time.


CompleteCase.com will walk you through the whole process on your time.  It's the easiest way to file for divorce.

Their process is fast.  You complete a short online interview in just 20 minutes - any time you want.

Your divorce documents will be customized for your:

  • State
  • Children
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Any other relevant factors


Just three quick steps:

  1. Quickly check if CompleteCase online divorce is for you
  2. Complete that simple online interview, on your time
  3. File using those customized forms and simple filing instructions.

It really is that easy to file for divorce without a lawyer.  Simply use CompleteCase.com.

How much does Divorce cost without a Lawyer

So we know that the average cost for a divorce with a Lawyer is about $10,000.  The question now is how much does divorce cost without a Lawyer.


The answer is that with CompleteCase.com you will pay $299.  That includes getting you through the whole process.


Here are the services that both a Lawyer and CompleteCase provide:

  • Determine Eligibility
  • Organize Your Case Information
  • Calculate Child Support
  • Provide Completed Documents for Signature
  • Provide Detailed Filing Instructions


Here are services that CompleteCase provides, but Lawyers normally don’t:

  • Unlimited Minor Document Updates within 30 Days
  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support
  • Edit/Update Your Information via Online Portal


Finally, here are more points for CompleteCase

  • Offers instant document downloads
  • Provides unlimited phone and email support
  • Served more than 700,000 customers over the past 20 years
  • Recommended by court clerks and even Lawyers – on a daily basis

Affordable Divorce Lawyer

Finding an affordable divorce Lawyer is a challenge.  People are always looking for a cheap divorce Lawyer or a low cost divorce Lawyer.


Turns out that divorce Lawyers are not really affordable, cheap, or low cost.  They charge hundreds of dollars per hour and the average divorce with a Lawyer costs about $10,000.


We see that the question isn’t even so much how to get a low cost attorney.  What people really want is simply a low cost divorce.


It’s true that 700,000 people have used the CompleteCase online service for their divorce.  It’s easy to use and the affordable option.  Still, not everyone knows about it.


CompleteCase is $299 and includes everything to file your divorce.  In most cases even more than you’ll get from a Lawyer.


The affordable divorce option with top service is CompleteCase.