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As an illustration, a woman in Connecticut received a $5.35M settlement for a routine root canal that caused five years of excruciating pain.

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How to prove Dental Malpractice?

To be sure there are four things that must be shown to prove dental malpractice.  By all means the injured patient must establish:

-Provider-Patient Relationship.  This basically means that the injured person was the dentist's patient.

-Standard of Care.  The medical standard of care is the level of care a skilled dentist would have provided.  An expert medical witness will generally establish this point.

-Breach of Care.  You certainly must establish that the actions or inactions of your dentist did not meet the Standard of Care.  In the same way this may be established by an expert medical witness.  It is most important to establish which action or inaction led to the injury.

-Severity of Injury.  You will indeed need to show that the dentist's action or inaction caused your injury.  Additionally you must document the extent of the injury.

Common Examples of Dental Malpractice

Of course Dental Malpractice can take many forms.  Seeing that, here are a few of the most common examples:

-Improper use of anesthesia

-Broken jaw

-Improper use of dental tools

-Nerve injuries caused by dental injections

-Numbness or loss of taste

-TMJ disorders

-Wrongful death

-Actions not safe with patient’s medical history

-Failure to detect oral cancer

-Unnecessary pulling of teeth

-Pulling wrong teeth

-Complications from previous dental work

dental malpractice lawyer near me

How a Dental Malpractice Attorney Can Help

Injury due to malpractice by a dentist, periodontist, or oral surgeon?  You indeed may be able to recover compensation.  For example, compensation may be awarded for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

A dental malpractice lawyer can:

-Evaluate the strength of your case

-Determine if your dentist breached their care of duty

-Show the breach of care caused you harm

-Support claim with collected evidence

-Negotiate case through each phase with care to detail

Dental Malpractice Documents

Surely dental documents are important to the malpractice case.  For example these are documents that will most like be part of your case:

-Written consent for all procedures

-Record of patient’s history

-Treatment plan, include reasons for treatment

-Notes written at the time of treatment

Certainly bring copies of any documents you have.  Otherwise your lawyer may obtain them as part of the process.

How to pay a Dental Malpractice Lawyer?

Generally dental malpractice lawyers are paid by a contingency fee.  It’s important to realize this means that you do not pay the lawyer unless they get money for you.  So you never have an out of  pocket expense.

In fact the fee-contingency lawyer will often even pay for up front fees that you never have to reimburse.  For this reason it’s actually cheaper to pursue a case with a lawyer than on your own.

Dental malpractice cases are incredibly complex medical and legal concepts.  Unless you are an experienced lawyer in this area you probably don’t understand all of the malpractice laws in your state.  Contact a contingency-fee dental malpractice attorney and receive a free consultation.

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Final Takeaway

Dental Malpractice is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying your benefits, connect now.  Instead of wondering if you should speak with a lawyer, connect with a lawyer match expert immediately.

Regardless whether the injury appears minor now, the future financial and non-financial costs may be great.  An experienced lawyer can help you get the help you deserve.

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