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The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports 68% of felony defendants are convicted.  All in all convictions are a fairly common thing.

The law for a criminal defense is indeed complex.  The first step is surely to find out your options.

In a word, go ahead and find out what’s possible.  Get a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer.

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How can Criminal Defense Attorneys help me?

Without a doubt, prison time or a big fine are serious things.  You surely want to find a criminal defense attorney.

It's important to realize the legal system is complex.  You certainly can't learn about it from a book.  In particular you need someone with experience and connections to the court.

Here's how a criminal defense attorney helps you:

  • They know the environment
  • Help you understand
  • Do the paperwork
  • Know the law
  • Won't be taken advantage of
  • Devoted to defending you
  • Moves quickly
  • Provide technical and emotional support
Criminal Defense Lawyer

What does a Criminal Defense Lawyer do?

A criminal defense lawyer does many things for your case.  They indeed use what they know and what they can do for you.

So, here are some of the things a criminal defense lawyer does:

  • Speaks with you about the case
  • Investigates the case
  • Analyzes Evidence
  • Continued contact with you
  • Draft, file and argue motions
  • Plea bargaining to lesser charges
  • Jury selection
  • Goes to court for you
  • Draft, file, and argue appeals

At this point you know what a lawyer does for your case.  Until now you may have been thinking about it yourself.  All things considered talking with a lawyer can help you understand your case.

Find out what a lawyer can do for you.  Use your free consultation to ask your questions and then make a plan.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Near Me

Securing a Release from Jail Pending Trial

When people end up in jail one of their first thoughts is how to get out.  Then they try to make bail.  So bail is cash or a bond given to a court to ensure the person appears when ordered.

Your lawyer can certainly argue that you get out on bail.  Also they can show why the bail should be lowered.

To be sure the amount of bail will depend on the current crime and the background of the defendant.  By all means bail can be paid by the defendant or through a bail company.

Not going to court when ordered can indeed result in additional charges.   These charges include loss of bail or payment made for a bond.

Plea Bargaining Strategies

Plea bargains are also just called “deals”.  Of course most cases end up by making some kind of “deal”.  It’s important to realize deals are usually everything to a case.  So getting the best deal is the job of the criminal defense attorney.

A plea bargain is then an agreement between a defendant and prosecutor.  The defendant agrees to plead guilty to get a charge dropped or to reduce a sentence.

More than 90% of convictions come from plea bargains.  Thus less than 10% of criminal cases go to trial.

Of course having the best strategy for a plea bargain is important to most cases.  It must be remembered a criminal defense lawyer has the most experience.  That is to say they are best positioned for the best possible strategy.

With this purpose in mind, talk to a criminal defense lawyer about your case.  In particular you can ask about their strategy for a plea bargain.

Most important, you can talk with them for free.  It’s called a free consultation.  And you have no obligation to anything else.

Connect now for a no obligation, free consultation.

Present a Winning Defense to the Jury

Obviously if your case does go to trial you want to win.  Basically the key to success is having a good explanation.  Then this explanation will reinforce what the jury feels through the case.

Getting the right explanation is indeed the goal of every criminal defense lawyer.  Then telling it so the jury agrees is the skill of the lawyer.

Final Takeaway

A criminal charge is without a doubt a serious matter.  You unquestionably deserve to speak with an attorney.

Rather than waiting and delaying the benefits, connect now.  An experienced lawyer can give you the help you deserve.

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Now is certainly the time to speak with a lawyer match expert.

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